How to Pull Yourself Out of A Slump


Crying into a tub of Ben & Jerry’s, binge watching ‘Orange is the New Black’ and refusing to open the curtains because you’ve spent so much time in the dark in your bedroom that the daylight might blind you -plus, the curtains are 3ft away and who has the energy to move that far, anyway? We’ve all been there, at some point between pre-teen and twenty-something, everybody has experienced the dreaded Slump.


Whether you’re going through a break up, you lost your job, failed your exams or just had the worst day at work ever, that feeling of ‘things-are-never-going-to-get-better-so-i’m-buying-loads-of-cats-and-never-ever-leaving-my-bed’, aka the Slump, never gets easier to shake no matter how old you get.
Recently, I experienced a Slump of my own. Coming home from the delights of university to daytime telly with the parents was an anti-climax to my academic year, to say the least. I was bored, lonely, and miserable. It was only on Day 3 of feeling sorry for myself that I looked around my bedroom, at all the empty crisp packets and heaps of laundry and said, enough is enough! Death by chocolate digestive was not an option, so I put down the McVities and compiled a list of activities I could do to pull myself from the Slump -and I’d like to share my favourite ones with you!

1. Move!
I know, when you’re fed up any kind of movement that doesn’t involve food or is a matter of life or death seems impossible. Lots of research proves that exercise releases endorphins that make you feel good but finding the motivation to get up and do some can be exhausting in itself. You don’t have to go and practice for a half marathon but seriously, if you can, just get up and get dressed. Even if all you do is walk downstairs and mope in a different room to the one you’ve been moping in all week. Eventually, you’ll run out of rooms to be miserable in and (possibly) make it outside -not quite the same as going for a run but still, the fresh air will do you good!


2. Do something other than sleep 
It’s so easy when we’re sad to just curl up and ignore everything around us, hoping it will all go away. Chances are, it won’t -when you wake up things will, more than likely,still be a bit shit. But there are so many things you could do to take your mind off it. Watch some funny Vines, read a book, download some new music, cook your favourite food… Just do something! Better yet, do something for someone else. Everyone is going through something and it’s pretty likely that someone you know could do with cheering up too. You might not feel like it, but a small gesture like making someone tea or offering unexpected help could make someone’s day. There are plenty of charities that need volunteers -you can get out and do something as well as making a difference. Giving makes us feel good, and if all else fails, offer to buy pizza for you and a friend; sharing is caring, after all.

3. Get over it 
The advice that no one in a Slump ever wants to hear. It’s hard, you want to get over it but feel like you just can’t. Trust me, I feel you, but look at it this way: If Britney Spears got through 2007 -you my friend, can get through anything. You are the only person with the ability to get yourself going again and you are going to be okay. Take a deep breath, and focus on the things you’re going to do to make yourself feel like you again. Make yourself a plan, and stick to it. Better yet, make yourself a list of all the things you enjoy doing and refer to it every time you feel yourself fall back into the Slump. Slowly but surely you’ll find yourself feeling more at ease, more uplifted and most importantly, slump-less!

I hope this can help someone somewhere start to feel better. Thank you for reading and let me know your tips on how you pull yourself out of a Slump!